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The Complete Drummer's Guide (eBook Version)


In eBook format & can be downloaded for only $7 USD!


This is simply a copy of the famous printed book version. Only in an eBook format, thus making it available to anyone anywhere via the internet.


"The Complete Drummer's Guide" can be summarised as: "Progressive Steps To Syncopation, Applied To The Drum Set" and includes all the fundamentals of drumming, such as: the 40 snare drum rudiments, all the various music timing subdivisions, drum grooves in nearly all styles of music, and that's just for starters. And all of this is presented in a logical step by step formula that connects all the dots and leaves no stone unturned.  


Also included are 36 backing tracks. 


 The Complete Drummer's Guide (eBook Version) features 143 pages, plus 36 backing tracks.

For full details please click the book cover shown opposite

$7 USD
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$12 USD (Buy Together & Save $2)
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The Complete Drummer's Guide - (Full Version)


In eBook format and can be downloaded for only $12 USD!

This is the combination of both The Complete Drummer's Guide (otherwise know as the red book) - plus - The Complete Drummer's Guide (Book Of Drum Charts) and includes the 147 backing tracks.


Therefore this is the equivalent of The Complete Drummer's Guide (Full Version) which although the "Full Version" was recently discontinued, it has always been available as two separate downloadable eBooks instead.

So this 2 in 1 combination, simply brings back the "Full Version" plus a saving of $2 (by downloading the books together this way).

So just to reiterate, this is The Complete Drummer's Guide (Full Version) now available as a 2 in 1 option.

The Complete Drummer's Guide (Book Of Drum Charts)

In eBook format & can be downloaded for only $7 USD!

"The Complete Drummer's Guide (Book Of Drum Charts)" in eBook format, contains 147 backing tracks plus drum charts and has been designed to work in conjunction with both "The Complete Drummer's Guide (Printed & eBook Versions)."


What makes this method so unique it that it offers a step by step, beginners to advanced graded approach for developing practical performance and drum chart reading skills.  Therefore, for those who have purchased the printed, or eBook versions of "The Complete Drummer's Guide" this addition to your program adds the perfect compliment.  

Also please note, this is a stand-alone option for those who would like to incorporate a graded method of drum charts plus backing tracks into their studies (i.e. this material will complement any drum study program or method).     


For full details please click the book cover shown opposite

$7 USD
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$5 USD
Beginners ver (no BG).PNG

The Complete Drummer's Guide (Beginner's Version)


In eBook format & can be downloaded for only $5 USD!

As the name suggests, this is a very beginners method for learning how to play the drums & features 104 pages, plus 26 backing tracks.


This method is great for drum students as young as five years old & is the precursor to The Complete Drummer's Guide (Printed & eBook Versions).


Due to the simplified format, it can also be utilized as a self-teaching method.

For full details please click the book cover shown opposite

Download For Only $5 USD

The Complete Drummer's Guide (Book Of  Transcriptions)

In eBook format & can be downloaded for only $5 USD!

However, please note, this is a free download with all purchases of The Complete Teach-Yourself Drummer's Guide Course on Udemy.

This book features 65 drum transcriptions, ranging from classic pop, to progressive rock, with some contemporary jazz & swing. It also features 65 MP3 audio files of the solo drum parts, to each transcription.


For full details please click the book cover shown opposite

Book of Drum Transcriptions (no BG).PNG
Free To Download

Free Bonus "Cruise Ship Drumming" Workbook

This all-new eBook is all about performing in the Showband position on cruise ships and is divided into 2 parts.


Also included is a full-length backing track, which runs for over 37 minutes and features 15 separate tunes within.  


Part 1 - is all about what's involved in the showband position.


And part 2 - is the drum charts section, where you'll get to read and play the written drum charts, along with the full-length backing track. There are also links to the 2 main music agencies.


The idea of this eBook is to help prepare you for full time paid work in the constantly growing cruise ship industry.

Please note: If you would like to become a cruise ship show-band drummer, then being able to sight-read the drum charts presented within this eBook, along with the accompanying, full-length backing track, is a must for you. However, if reading is not your thing then please forget the possibility of becoming a cruise ship showband musician.


To learn the ins and outs of sight-reading, please download, "The Complete Drummer's Guide (Full Version). 

For full details please click the book cover shown opposite

36 Free Backing Tracks

These 36 backing tracks can be downloaded for FREE!

As the name suggests, this download includes 36 free backing tracks,  which have been designed to work in conjunction with the latest version of: "The Complete Drummer's Guide," (Printed Book & eBook Versions).

"The Complete Drummer's Guide (Printed Version)" is only available in Australia, NZ, and more recently Malaysia, and the 36 backing tracks, presented here, are offered for free, to those who have purchased the printed book.


Therefore, by downloading these files, doing so will mean you have now completed your purchase.


For full details please click the image shown opposite

Free To Download
36 Free Backing Tracks Label Smaller siz
About The Author

About The Author:

Tom Jackson is the author of "The Complete Drummer's Guide Series" and although originally from Australia, Tom now resides in Cebu, The Philippines.


Tom has had extensive experience backing many of Australia's top professional singers, TV personalities, and recording artists.


Artists such as:  Normie Rowe, Margaret Urlich, Kerry Anne Kennerly, Rhonda Burchmore, Little Patty, Ross D Wylie, Karen Knowles, James Blundell, and many others. 


Tom has performed in groups, ranging from, rock cover bands, to jazz trios, quartets, and quintets, to big band jazz, funk, fusion, freelance drumming, studio recording sessions, teaching and drum clinic demonstrations. 

Tom has also played behind world-renowned artists, such as The Drifters, and Grammy Award-winning artists, The 5th Dimension

Tom has also backed Philippine recording artist: Rico J. Puno and Kuh Ledezma, when they toured Australia, as well as world-renowned Philippine contemporary jazz recording artist: Boy Katindig, whenever Boy tours Cebu. 

As from 2000 until recently, Tom has regularly performed all over the world as a show band drummer, musical director, and bandmaster, onboard many of the world's most luxurious cruise ships, employed by the following cruise ship companies: Princess, Renaissance, Cunard, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, NCL, Regent, Oceania, and Azamara.  

While performing on cruise ships, as well as performing in and conducting, cruise ship show bands, Tom has also performed and lead, several jazz trios and lounge band quartets. 

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Nick Karasavvidis:


Hi, my name is Nick Karasavvidis and I'm a professional musician and music educator. I have toured Australia, performed for various Australian celebrities, major festivals, performed on television, and have studied at one of the most prestigious music schools in Australia and I owe the basis of my drumming education to Tom Jackson and his teaching methods.  

I have now been teaching for over 18 years, using Tom's books for the basis of my teaching methods ever since, because I get results.  And simply put, the books work and most of all, they don't discriminate. There's an attitude in the way they are written, that anyone can learn the drums, regardless of natural ability. 

I highly recommend any publication written by Tom Jackson.

Rob Boundy:


The Complete Drummer's Guide is such a great book. I've spent years teaching from it and have designed my web site as a student resource, from the work that's covered in it. It's my no.1 tutor reference. I use it every day that I teach and that's a lot.


Thanks Tom for all the hard work keeping it current and comprehensive. All my students have a copy. It's such a great resource and I thoroughly recommend it.   

Nick Wadson:


The Complete Drummer's Guide is the ultimate drum method book. It covers the 4 main beat studies of drumming:  8th note rock, 16th note funk, shuffles and jazz. NO other book has been so thorough. It even has all 40 rudiments and hybrid rudiments as well. I have tried just about every method and most books only get 3 of the beat studies and then Latin grooves are also introduced here. I've been teaching for over 10 years and this is THE method book to get for any drum school. I have made this book the main text for the students at the Bermuda Drum Institute!!!

Harry Christodoulou:


Outstanding book - Extraordinary value.


I learnt from this book when I first started out & now I use it with all of my students. It was a great method back then & this upgraded eBook version is even better. It covers a lot of ground & is presented in a logical format. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone. 

Brendan Berti:


Amazing Brilliant, well executed drum method.. It's a must as it covers all styles.

David Bright:


Love your work Tom Jackson.

Marcus Fransisco:


Hi Tom, just a quick note to let you know I really appreciate your work. I have purchased your material and know it will be of great assistance to me and my students.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Simon Timms:

Exceptional & Logical.

This book is extremely thorough and implements all the drumming elements in logical and fun way. I recommend this book to anyone who is starting out, or teaching themselves.  Outstanding!!!!!!!

Tony Nguyen:

So cool! I love it. 

Sandy Hunter:


It's been a while, but I just pulled out an old copy of this book recently, to help a student go over some basics. It was great.  I had forgotten how clearly  the fundamentals were explained and how engaging the whole layout is. Love this book.

Mark Trask


Hey people's if you haven't seen Tom's range of books you will find them all of great use to drummers of all levels. This unique range has been among the staples of Australian percussion education for many many years. Tom's contribution to education over the years has been outstanding and I can't count the number of his books I have sold to budding drummers over the years. Well done mate, another super valuable contributor to our Aussie drumming community! All the best!

Robert Gaither




You've done a masterful job with your program. Thank you for the incredible effort you put forth to help aspiring drummers. I haven't yet begun working my way through, but I do have one initial comment. I would have expected to pay a great deal more for this package. 


It's an amazing value. I'm sure you could sell the program for five or six times the price, and still leave your customers feeling like they got an awful lot for their money. You can be sure I'll recommend your book to my students, and anyone else wishing to learn to play the drums.


Thank you.

JF Salazar

The 1 drumming book you will need to progress!

Many books will point you to specific needs but will leave you confused at the end. Most books specialise on a specific topics but fail to teach foundational stuffs to give rationale on the subject and so that the learning drummer would be able to play it faster and better and understand the use of exercises and licks in real life scenario. Tom in his book was successful in doing that. A step by step complete guide to drumming that will lead you to playing clean and playing different styles you never thought you'll be able to play. Indeed, a non negotiable book for a drummer. Hope this will be a classic one day.

Ryan Simm

An Excellent Resource for Students and Enthusiasts

I have used this book for many years both in my own development and with students of mine. The charts are impeccably notated and provide a good body of knowledge for drummers at all levels. The charts provide an insight into many drumming styles in a way that is very exciting to learn.

Piet Collins

As a drummer/percussionist/educator of over 35 years I have performed with The Sharp, Tina Arena, U.K pop megastars ABC, Scott Owen (The Living End), The Chantoozies, Brian Cadd, Russel Morris, John Paul Young, Grace Knight, Archie Roach, Shane Howard, Paul Gray (Wa Wa Nee) Sean Kelly (The Models), Dale Ryder (Boom Crash Opera) James Freud (The Models), and Michael Spiby (The Badloves).


I teach drums and percussion full-time at Peninsula Grammar in Victoria and use Tom’s book on a daily basis to take beginners through the fundamentals of note naming and recognition to where they can apply that knowledge to playing patterns around the drum kit. The sequential approach to learning gives students of all ages the opportunity to build on their learning in a practical way which gives them a feeling of achievement. The backing tracks give musical context to the learning giving students further satisfaction.


I am happy to recommend Tom’s book to teachers and students of all ages,


Piet Collins

The Benefits

The Benefits Of Learning 

The Fundamentals Of Drumming:

Let’s now talk about the benefits of learning all the fundamentals of drumming and how doing so can really have a positive impact on your drumming ability and possible future as a professional drummer.


However, before diving in, please allow me to clarify one thing first. In order to become successful at anything, you need to be highly motivated and goal-oriented. Therefore without these attributes, there's little to no chance of really getting anywhere. So basically it's up to you.


For those of you who know the importance of this, you'll also know that progressing in baby steps, one at a time, is the secret to successfully learning any skill. That combined with self-belief, a definite goal, and regular practice, will result in you getting there. And that’s where “The Complete Drummer's Guide can benefit you.


“The Complete Drummer's Guide (Printed Book & eBook Versions)” offers you the blueprint with all the necessary steps that will get you from a beginner's level, all the way to a working professional level.


Covered within this method are all of the rudiments (including additional hybrid rudiments). Drum beats in nearly every style of music. Drum fills. Beats and fills together. Drum soloing ideas. Linear drumming ideas. An array of re-work concept ideas, that turn the book into an open-ended drum set study, plus 36 backing tracks to play along to. 


In fact, if you complete this method you will be able to:


1 - Read any drum chart or any drum beat pattern from any drum book.


2 - Play drums in nearly all styles of music. 


3 - Develop and have chops to burn.


4 - Play musically and with precision timing.


5 - Improvise your own ideas at will (i. e. you won't be locked down to only being able to copy someone else's licks, you'll be able to do your own thing). 


And 6 - Therefore have full command of your instrument and have more fun playing the drums.  


In a nutshell “The Complete Drummer's Guide is like having the “Ted Reed Progressive Steps To Syncopation For The Modern Drummer” book, applied to the drum set, from start to finish.


In other words, this method presents to you first basic timing exercises (ala Ted Reed style) that once you’ve mastered, you’ll then get presented with coordinated drum beat patterns based on that timing.


Then once you’ve mastered the drum beat patterns that are related to this timing, you’ll then get to play these beats and patterns along to the various backing tracks provided.


Therefore it’s basically a 3 step process. Step 1 - timing first. Step 2 - drum beat patterns based on that timing. And step 3 - playing these patterns along to the selected backing tracks. In fact, you could think of this process as  “Progressive Steps To Syncopation Applied To The Drum Set.”


In fact, this is the principle behind this method and why it has become so popular and acclaimed as the industry-standard drum publication down-under (where it was first introduced). Now it’s available to anyone anywhere via the internet and this eBook version. 


“The Complete Drummer's Guide is also unique because it covers everything “All In One.” So it offers a complete systematic step by step, drum set related course, that once mastered, would enable you to then specialize in specific drumming styles of your choice later on.   


However, this course is not just about playing along to the 36 backing tracks (or the 147 backing tracks, if you also purchase the drum charts book). They're great, but they are only just a part of the process overall.


It's also not just about knowing all the rudiments. They're important and will help you gain control and speed and you'll be able to play cool drum fills and drum solos etc.


It's also not just about being able to read music (reading music is a means to play music, not the other way around). Being able to read music simply benefits you by opening more doors for you.


So What Is It All About Then? 


Well, it's about all of those elements combined into one. It’s about "connecting all the dots." It's a formula that presents each step in the right order. It's a step by step process that will lead you down a proven pathway that will get you real results. That in a nutshell is what “The Complete Drummer’s Guide (Printed Book & Versions)” plus "The Complete Drummer's Guide (Book Of Drum Charts)" is all about. 


However, this is not a quick fix gimmicky approach to learning the drums. This is the real way to get results and requires your effort to get there. 


As mentioned above, this popular drum method is about "connecting all the dots." It starts you off from the very beginning and gradually leads you to the end, missing nothing in between. 


However in reality it leads you to a new beginning, not the end. A new beginning because when you've learned all the material within this method, then your real journey and development as a professional working and paid drummer, will begin. 


In completing this method you would have learned all the fundamentals of drumming, which are the necessary building blocks, and you will have also explored other ideas along the way. That's the way to become a well rounded professional drummer. Then you're ready to work and get paid for your efforts. So if that is something that interests you? Then I urge you to take action now and start working towards your future today.


If you want to learn the whole story, not just part of it, do yourself a favor and buy or download “The Complete Drummer's Guide (Printed or eBook Version)” today and start your journey towards success in drumming. It will only cost you the price of a pair of drum sticks. 


But unlike buying a pair of drum sticks, which you will need to do often throughout your drumming career, buying this method is a one time option. And doing so will give you the blueprint, or the layout, if you like, of all the steps that are necessary to get you to the level that you know you want and need to get to.


The fact is that all of today's top working professional drummers have studied the fundamentals of drumming and know them inside out. Once you know them too, the sky will be the only limit for you. So get started and enjoy your ride to success. So that you too can eventually become a paid working professional drummer.

Tom's Story
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